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Amsterdam and Kocaeli are thinking

WatSpinoza ignites public discussion by asking questions based on Spinoza's writings. We formulated the questions together with writer/philosopher Dirk van Weelden.

16 questions will be posted around the campus of Kocaeli University in Izmir, Turkey. You can respond to the questions through this website and through Facebook.

This year Spinoza is the theme of Kocaeli University's annual international philosophy conference. Amsterdam major Van der Laan will speak during the conference (May 21 - 23) on Spinoza's contribution to the development of Amsterdam.

WatSpinoza is a project by Mediamatic. In 2012 we'll be asking questions in Kocaeli, Amsterdam's Turkish sister municipality. The project is a gift from Amsterdam to Kocaeli.

Onderdeel van het WatSpinoza? project in Turkije. Foto genomen op de Weteringschans in Amsterdam.